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My name is Giulia Quagli

I am a freelance illustrator, I live and work in the magical Tuscan hills.
I attended the Scientific High School because my art Professor told me that i wasn't not gifted whit artistic qualities.
However, whit my very hard head, i decided to enroll atthe Academy of Fine Arts and after that, deepen my knowledge of illustration and now I collaborate with Italian and foreign publishing companies.
I have a worrying addiction to coffee, Disney movie songs, ugly postcards and  lists to stick to the Studio Fuffa’s door. Place of work and heart, where I share experience, Chinese ravioli and days not, with other 4 illustrators and 2 cats and 1 dog.

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For any request, work proposals or question please write drop me a line here!

Thanks for submitting!

Giulia Quagli • ILLUSTRATOR •

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